Anukulchandra was born in the 12th month of his mother's pregnancy Allegedly, at birth he was smiling and looking around brightly at the world. Biographies of Anukulchandra also point out other unusual features and stories of birth such as having no hair on the head and extremely bright light in the home when Anukulchandra was born, which made villagers, fishermen come rushing from the Padma river thinking mistakenly that there was a fire. According to many biographies, Anukulchandra's conduct and behavior was a little unusual and mysterious in nature from early childhood. Anukulchandra's extreme devotion to his mother was noted as one unusual characteristics. One math exam day, being late to prepare to go to school, Anukulchandra's mother angrily told him that he would not be able to answer a single math question. At exam, he did not write a single answer thinking, that would prove his mother wrong.
Sri Sri Thakur, The Prophet
Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra was an incarnate of God, in the lineage of all the past prophets namely, Sri Ramachandra, Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Sri Chaitanya and Sri Ramakrishna. All the past prophets, including Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra, are the embodiment of the supreme power, the great Creator. They descended at various times with His message for the welfare of the mankind. They came to save the mankind by demonstrating the path of virtue and virility. They all were the living image of God during their contemporary period. They lived a life, which was the most appropriate for the contemporary humanity to adopt and seek growth and happiness in all spheres of life. At all times, they carry the message of peace and prosperity, love and life, and above all they tell us exactly how to live a life thereby the ultimate objective of mankind can be achieved. They came for the whole mankind. They did not discriminate among caste, creed, ethnic division and geographical boundaries. They suffered for the mankind, still they showed us the path out of sheer mercy for their creation. In all ages, they have shown the path for the evolution of the mankind..

Satsang Vihar Allahabad is a holy temple of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, in TEERTHRAJ PRAYAG(TRIVENI SANGAM ), BADHAWAN TAHIRPUR,JHUSI, is just 3km away from sangam place.Earlier ,By the grace & bleesing of param pujya srisri achraya dev & kind guidance of sri babai da, temporary satsang Kendra was started& inaugurated by AK MISRA & MAHENDRA PRASAD SINGH from deoghar at B.N RAI DA house ,Chandpur,salori on 22th April 2012. thereafter satsang vihar allahabad land at BADHWAN TAHIRPUR,JHUSI is donated by local gurubhai sri b.n rai & registration of the land was done by the satsangee on 29th April 2013.initially the land was disputed for local passage of road but kind direction& blessings of of babai da the road problem is over.The two storey building including four side boundary wall wereconstructed for shifting thesatsang Kendra at jhusi,allahabad .Again the permission & blessing was taken from babai da for shifting permanenet satsang kendra at BANDHA TAHIRPUR,JHUSIand inaugurated by kriti ganguly from lucknow on 28th february 2016 .Two times prayer & bhog is being offered on daily basis.panditji permanently staying there with his of satsang temple has been drawn by architect Ratish Chandra(Assam.).fund (Arrghya)collection for construction of temple is under process